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Tidal Italian Restaurant

The restaurant makes you discover your secret taste buds with Tidal Italian feast. We use the fresh local seafood with Italian cooking skills to provide local citizens with novel eating experiences. Tidal Italian Restaurant is located on hillside of Keelung and hides in the fresh clouds and mists. Plants grown in terrace and water gurgling through pool of the landscape that can be seen through stylish French windows lead you away from the noisy city and make you feel like in Italy.

  • Service telephone:02-24691988
  • Address:No. 307, Ln. 162, Xinfeng St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Cima Roronda, Italian Café

The restaurant is located on the hillside near Bisha Fishery Harbor with excellent views facing hills and sea and its interior décor is with Aegean style of Greece. The owner insist to do every thing with his participation for six years and to offer fresh fisheries. Customer's praise is the major driving force for the owner. Fresh and delicate meals without monosodium glutamate are popular for years.

  • Service telephone:02-24694838
  • Address:No. 6-4, Ln. 252, Beining Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Yu Pin Hsuan Seafood Restaurant

「Yu Pin Hsuan Seafood Restaurant」 insists the spirit of 「offering the most delicious seafood for our guests」not only to provide delicious seafood but also to create innovative cuisine with efforts. Being generous in using materials so that the generous deliciousness becomes the major cause for frequent visits of our guests.「Yu Pin Hsuan Seafood Restaurant」is very good at using local ingredients to create delicious cuisine that make our guests taste repeatedly and mingles the tastes and textures with different characters of the ingredients.

  • Service telephone:02-24697656
  • Address:No. 71, Beining Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Puffers Garden Landscape Restaurant

The founder notices that even there are abundant resources from ocean and fisheries, there are no restaurants of western styles make good use of these resources. The founder bases on the concept of "Home" to focus on seafood and builds the "Puffers" Restaurant. He hopes to create a space of relaxation so that the consumers can enjoy the local seafood cuisines.

  • Service telephone:02-24635857
  • Address:No.88, Zhengbin Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Nuannuan Tavern

The founder of "Nuannuan Tavern" was inspired by the exquisite cooking skills of his senior family members and devoted himself in food services as a junior high school student. He spared his extracurricular time in preparation and became a qualified chef. He insists on the enthusiasm for food services and has learnt all the excellent skills luckily from Chef Gao, Tien-Tzu, one of the master chefs in Taiwan. That makes the founder understand that delicious cuisines must be cooked with delicacies.

  • Service telephone:02-24588106
  • Address:No. 159, Nuannuan St., Nuannuan Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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