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Jian Jia Oyster Pancake

「Jian Jia Oyster Pancake」with history over six decades moved from Changhua to Keelung Harbor due to the war in the Japanese Colonial Period. The founder missed his hometown so much and tried to link his hometown「Wanggong Fishery Harbor」by choosing saling oyster pancakes as his job. He mingled what he learnt at Japanese official's home as a cook into Taiwanese specialties. Nowadays, the third generation has inherited the spirits of the traditional tastes.

  • Service telephone:02-24248229
  • Address:1F, No. 93, Xiao 3rd Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Eros Wedding Hall

「Walk into Eros Wedding Hall and meet the bliss」. We recruit the master chefs of Cantonese cuisines and the professional wedding service team to offer you fine cuisines of quality and quantity as well as attentive services so that bring different food styles for Keelung. Eros Wedding Hall spends seventy million NTD. for the interior decorations and audiovisual equipment to build a wedding hall with five-star rating. In addition, Eros Wedding Hall is proud of various meals and fresh ingredients served for our guests and confident for customers' satisfactions.

  • Service telephone:02-24336226
  • Address:B1, No. 80 and 1F, No. 82, Maijin Rd., Anle Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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1&1 Thai Cuisine

Because that many popular Thai restaurants are all located in Taipei, the founder, therefore, founded the "1&1 Thai Cuisine" Restaurant at Keelung Miaokou. He recruits the Thai master chef to provide you the most authentic Thai cuisines. The restaurant is close to the fishery harbor and purchases fresh foods directly from the fishery harbor every day. The delicious cuisines get high praises even from Thai tourists.

  • Service telephone:02-24272929
  • Address:1F, No. 295, Ren 1st Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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Seaweed Delicacies

「Seaweed Delicacies」 is located on the 3F, An Salvador City on Heping Island. The park is with world-class rocks and abundant seaweed ecology. You may enjoy sunrises and sunsets as well as various boats. No matter swimming or sightseeing, they are all full of funs. You will have a splendid ocean view from 3rd floor and taste delicious local cuisines of seaweeds in the same time. Life with delicious cuisines and health is a great pleasure!!

  • Service telephone:02-24626199
  • Address:No. 360, Ping 1st Rd., Heping Island, Keelung City (3F, San Salvador City, Heping Island Park)
  • Opening hours:

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Keelung Gang Seafood Restaurant

The quality assurance of "Fresh and delicious; Well worth it's value" and the business policy of "Customer-oriented and friendly services" are the goals of "Keelung Gang Seafood Restaurant" in creating a kingdom of seafood feast. We offer versatile cuisines for your choices. We provide reward mentality services with sincereness and with the concept "good foods for good friends" to share our hospitality with our customers.

  • Service telephone:02-24278026
  • Address:No. 181, Xin 2nd Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
  • Opening hours:

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