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Keelung Harbor

Keelung Harbor is located at the north tip of Taiwan island that is between Fugueijiao and Bitoujiao. The eastern, western and southern sides of the harbor is surrounded by hills. The harbor is open towards north-west and goes towards south-west into inner harbor. It forms a narrow waterway of about 2000 meters long and 400 meters wide and serves as naval port and commercial port. It is an excellent harbor in northern Taiwan.
「Giant ships going into harbor」 is one of the most fascinating attractions of Keelung Harbor. As soon as the bustling tourists see the giant ships going slowly in and out of the harbor, they will stand still and appreciate the sights. Keelung harbor is surrounded by hills at three sides, with natural scenery sea side and is recognized as the only international harbor of「Harbor area is Urban area」 in Taiwan. Keelung Harbor has the advantages of long history and rich culture everywhere. Since the establishment of Keelung Harbor, there are ships going in and out and it has been accompanied by the economic miracles of Taiwan. Therefore, as soon as seeing the prosperous conditions of Keelung Harbor, it means the witness to the 「miniature of Taiwan」. You can not only appreciate the beautiful and attractive Keelung Harbor on land but also by riding sight-seeing boats. Take a trip to the beautiful ""Blue Highway"" on seawaters and enjoy the delight by sailing. There are various options for tourists. You can choose a tour in depth of Keelung and see the large shipyards alongside as well as the loading-unloading process of containers at port sides. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of Guanghua Tower and travel around Zhengbin Fishery Harbor as well as the piers of eastern and western coasts of Keelung to enjoy the pleasant and extraordinary harbor life-style.
As walking in the Keelung Harbor area, you can often see the world-class luxury passenger liners and cruise ships of domestic and foreign countries berthed here. In recent years, Keelung Harbor has been transformed into a harbor of tourism and costal sightseeing, and gradually becomes a new and romantic attraction in Keelung.

Attraction information

Service Telephone:
For yacht: 02-24232020 You-Cai Enterprise
Attraction address:
Zhong 1st Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
Opening hours:
Open space; No time limitation(For yacht tours, please contact the yachting companies.)
Ticket information:
Parking information:
Marina parking lot across Keelung Railway Station

Traffic information

【Public transportation】
Start from the front exit of Keelung Railway Station, walk along Zhong 1st Rd. and right turn at the cross-section with Xiao 1st Rd. It takes about 10 minutes by walking.
【By driving】
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  • Date of update:2012-5-9