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Parking information

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Name Model/quantity Tel: Address
Xin 2nd Rd. Public Parking Lot Light vehicle:512 +886-2-24268529 4F, No. 299, Xin 2nd Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
Boai Civil House Basement Parking Lot Light vehicle:253

Electric vehicle:4
+886-2-2426-9489 Basement, No. 11, Ai 3rd Dr., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
Yingge Shixi Parking Lot Light vehicle:82 +886-929783311 Maijin Rd. and Anhe 2nd St., Anle Dist., Keelung City; Yinggeshih River Buildup
Baifu Multi-purpose Parking Tower Light vehicle:314

+886-2-24510430 No. 116, Bai 6th Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City
Ming Chuan Parking Tower Light vehicle:120 +886-2-24270202 No. 120-1, Liu-Ming-Chuan Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City
Crown Dudu Parking Lot Light vehicle:202 +886-2-27782092 No. 177, Xinyi Rd., Keelung City
Jhengbin Elementary School Parking Tower Light vehicle:98

0922264422 No. 216, Xiangfeng St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City
Eastern Coast Multi-purpose Parking Tower Light vehicle:667


Electric vehicle:4
+886-2-2426-2121 No. 236, Ren 2nd Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
Kaiyuan Parking Tower Light vehicle:152 +886-2-24569285 No. 59-63, Kaiyuan Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City
Cheng Gong Multi-purpose Parking Tower Light vehicle:447

Electric vehicle:4
+886-2-2433-4943 No. 88, Chenggong 1st Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City
  • Time of update:2017-07-24