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Baimiweng Fort(Holland Castle)

Baimiweng Fort(Holland Castle)
  • Baimiweng Fort(Holland Castle)
  • Baimiweng Fort(Holland Castle)
  • Baimiweng Fort(Holland Castle)

Baimiwong emplacement is located in the northwest of Keelung harbor, safeguarding the harbor with the gun emplacement on the east shore. It was an important military base since the Ching dynasty. The rectangle-shaped gun emplacement facing the sea is comprised of three sections: barbette, control center and observation station. The control center is on the west of barbette and the observation station is on the right. Both places are great choices for visitors to overlook Keelung Harbor. The scenery is refreshing and beautiful; hence, it has become a popular sightseeing and leisure place for local residents. Find a nice summer evening to enjoy the lights on boats in the harbor, the bright stars and the breeze.

Attraction information

Service Tel:
Address of attraction
At the end of Ln. 37, Guanghua Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City.
Opening hours:
open space; no time limited
Tickets information:
free open
Lane 37 of Guanghua Rd is too narrow to pass over; be careful of uphill
Parking information
free parking space next the fort, about ten more small vehicles
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Public transportation
Take Keelung buses 301, 302, 0r 304 to Taibaizhuang bus stop; from there it’s 15 minutes by foot
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