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Keelung Islet

Keelung Islet
  • Keelung Islet
  • Keelung Islet
  • Keelung Islet

Keelung Islet stands on the northeast off Keelung. It is the most prominent island landmark in northern Taiwan and is the guidepost for ships shuttling in and out of Keelung Harbor. The graceful parabolic contour of the island makes it one of the eight scenic spots of Keelung.
Keelung Islet is a beautiful volcanic island surrounded by cliffs, and there is almost no plain on it. Walks and pavilions are the main recreational facilities on the island. Along the wooden walks, various plants indigenous to Taiwan will unfold before the eyes of visitors, displaying the beauty of nature. For instance, Formosa lily blossoms will cover the entire island in the spring.
The island presents multiple beauties in accordance with climatic changes. The entire volcanic island is visible to the eyes during cloudless weather but displays a glimmering look at dusk.
Visitors of Keelung Islet can take a scenic boat tour from Bisha Fishing Harbor in the summer, which will enable them to watch the spectacular landscape of the island along the cruise.
Guanghua Lighthouse
The Guanghua Lighthouse is the shipping guidepost of Keelung Harbor. It is place of origin of Taiwan ‘s first lighthouse coffeehouse, which is perfect for the purposes of sightseeing, business meeting, family gathering, and dating.
Sitting in the revolving coffeehouse to have afternoon tea, visitors will be able to have a panoramic outlook over the sea V the bustling Keelung Harbor at one side and the night scene of downtown Keelung at the other.

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Keelung Islet part of Zhongzheng District .,Keelung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening hours:
For the security concem of travelers and visitors,We are sorry to temporarily close the dock for renovation since Typhoon Dujuan has caused great damage to this area..
Tickets information:
Adults NT$400,concession tickets NT$300,children at aged 3 or younger NT$100
The yacht in holiday leaves at 10:30,13:30, 15:30 in Bisha Fishing Harbor. The yacht leaves instantly with 20 persons
Keelung Harbor Marina: By reservation(only groups of 15 or more people accepted)
Parking information
Park in the Bisha Fishing Harbor parking lot and Keelung Harbor Marina parking lot.
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Public transportation
Take Keelung Bus 103 or 104 to Beining Rd./988 Restaurant bus stop; from there it is 3 min. by foot to Bisha Fishing Harbor; from the harbor take a boat to Keelung Islet .Or take the boat to Keelung Islet from port across the train station.
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