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Taiwan Tour Bus - North Coast 

Keelung Harbor, Yeliu and North Coast (Half-day Tour) 【Foreign-language tour guide】

Departure Date:   Daily service

From:Taipei City

Days:4 hrs

Minimum Persons:1 人

Cost price:


 Holiday Price

  Usual Price

Consecutive Holiday



$ 1200

    $ 1200

    $ 1200



$ 1000

  $ 1000

 $ 1000



Package Price: 

NT$1,200/person; Children 12 and under NT$1,000 (includes Taiwan Tour Bus fare, insurance, and tour guide; lunch not included)

Departure Point:Taipei City hotels, Taipei Main Station, and Taipei Songshan Airport map

Departure Time:08:30



tour name:Keelung Harbor, Yeliu and North Coast (Half-day Tour) 【Foreign-language tour guide】 | South East Travel Service

Trip:Pick-up➜Keelung City (10 mins)➜Zhongzheng Park➜Guanyin Statue (15 mins)➜Yeliu Scenic Area (Queen’s Head) (1 hr)➜Return

Trip Comment:

 Heading out from downtown Keelung along the North Coast,this tour stops at Yeliu Scenic Area: a geological wonder richly endowed by the beauty of nature’s uncanny workmanship.

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