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Shengde Homstay

Shengde Homstay 1
Shengde Homstay縮小圖片, 角度1

Shengde Farm, the first legal B&B in Keelung, plants many Pouchongs. The owner appreciates the guests coming from far away. After they experienced the progress of picking tea leaves and making tea, the owner will arrange the child’s room as a B&B for the guests staying overnight. Thus, the guests can enjoy in the early morning in Qidu Mountain. Breakfast provided. It has a large piece of sweet osmanthus bamboo grove, an orchard and a vegetable farm opened to be picked. The guests can play in the water and have a barbecue. Besides, we cultivate fresh-water fishes in the pond so the guest can enjoy fishing. 5 guest room total:double room NT$1800 dollar.