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Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel

Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel 1
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Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel is next to Bisha Fishing Port, which is one of the biggest harbors in northern Taiwan. There are 27 various types of comfortable rooms, and surely our thoughtful and professional service that would make you feel like at home. When standing in the room and see through the view window, you could find what a lovely beautiful parks and sea view, which would make you feel comfortable. Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel is located near many tour spots such as Chaofen, Kinaseki Gold Mine and National Sea Museum (still on building). And also our traffic lines here are so convenient for saving time when visiting. Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel sincerely welcome you to visit us, and enjoy such a lovely scenery in north-east of Keelung. Onestar Sea Viewing Hotel offers renting movies (free only for lodgers), calling tax, order service, beverage sold etc. Also, it has free internet access, travel information. It is equipped with computer, printer and copier. Free to take coffee and tea for lodgers. 27 guest rooms:a double room starts from NT$1,980 dollars(weekday)、 NT$2,480 dollars(holiday).