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Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa

Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa 1
Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa 2
Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa縮小圖片, 角度1
Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa縮小圖片, 角度2

Da-Niu Zhoushanhe Villa is located at Datong Street of Malingkeng, the ancestors of the owner settled down at Malingkeng; the farmer is the seventh generation. Recently, the farm has turned to operate recreational farming to tea leaves, sweet potatoes, and paddy rice. There are also pomelos, strawberries, guava, and red bayberry trees, which will be adopted by visitors. Except for bird-viewing, visitors can overlook Jioufen Mountain and Keelung Islet. Besides, visitors can also design T-shirt by themselves. Besides, the service of the farm provides meals, set course, afternoon tea. The sweet potatoes and taros cuisine are also popular. The farm’s cuisine uses fresh vegetable and fruits are planted by the owner who always invents new flavor. Thus, the guests feel pleased and surprised when they come to the restaurant on the farm. The architecture of the farm is European style. On the contrary, there is an ancient house which has been 60 years. The architecture of Chinese and Western styles would be constructed simultaneously, that makes visitors feel interesting and learn different culture.