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Wen-liang Recreational Farm

Wen-liang Recreational Farm 1
Wen-liang Recreational Farm 2
Wen-liang Recreational Farm 3
Wen-liang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度1
Wen-liang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度2
Wen-liang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度3

Wen-liang Leisure Recreational Farm is located at Maling recreational area of Qidu District. There are lots of cassia bamboo and green bamboo. Visitors can get funny experiences of pulling out bamboos. The sweet green bamboos have been planted by the farmer, which won the championship awards every year. Visitors can buy green bamboos souvenir gifts here in the recreational farm. Except for cassia bamboo and green bamboo, the farmer also plants mulberries, pomelos, tea leaves, red bayberries, and so on. In addition, the owner makes mulberry and red bayberry juice and tea oil so that visitors can purchase these products. The other special product is red bayberry. Red bayberries are rare in Taiwan, but they planted more over than hundreds at Wen-liang Recreational Farm. When red bayberries begin to mature in May, visitors will always be attracted to here, and pick them by themselves. Other than above activities, Wen-liang Recreational Farm also offers an ecological interpretation, children’s fun DIY, idiom teaching, and happy family activities to attract visitors to come.

Main agriculture products are red bayberries, green bamboos, osmanthus bamboo shoots, and tea leaves. The growing season is April to October.