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Tai’an Citizen Farm

Tai’an Citizen Farm 1
Tai’an Citizen Farm 2
Tai’an Citizen Farm 3
Tai’an Citizen Farm縮小圖片, 角度1
Tai’an Citizen Farm縮小圖片, 角度2
Tai’an Citizen Farm縮小圖片, 角度3

Experiencing a farm life has become one of the new leisure activities for modern city dwellers. In order to provide visitors with the experience of farming, the Tai’an Citizen Farm offers land for visitors to rent. The unit for each vegetable garden is ten Pings. Those people who interested may rent a vegetable garden to experience farming first hand and the joy of harvesting after hard working in the farm. Many agricultural products, such as wood-cultured shiitake, chicken, yam and bamboo shoots are also available here. If you want to experience the fun of farming and the pleasure of harvesting your own produce, this place will satisfy your desire to return to Mother Nature.