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Fangyu Farm

Fangyu Farm 1
Fangyu Farm 2
Fangyu Farm 3
Fangyu Farm縮小圖片, 角度1
Fangyu Farm縮小圖片, 角度2
Fangyu Farm縮小圖片, 角度3

Fangyu Farm only sells the product that they produce by themselves. Their main products are organic farming--GanZu Garden. Honeysuckle is the main product of the farm. Behind the farm restaurant, there is a trail that leads to Shishi Mountain and Shixiang Mountain. Besides, they also produce honey, yams, and regimen food… etc. They also use flower and herb in the meal. Therefore, visitors can take a walk, breathe in fresh air and take apart in ecological activities after a great meal. As the case, they are favored by the customers.

meal time is from AM11 to PM7:30