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King Ming Chang Recreational Farm

King Ming Chang Recreational Farm 1
King Ming Chang Recreational Farm 2
King Ming Chang Recreational Farm 3
King Ming Chang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度1
King Ming Chang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度2
King Ming Chang Recreational Farm縮小圖片, 角度3

King Ming Chang Recreational Farm is a characteristic place to visit inside the Maling recreation and agriculture area. There are many bumblebees and over forty Formosan Sambar Deers in the garden. Tourists can adopt pomelo trees and feed the carps. Through the owner’s explanation and tourists’ self-experience, it is a wonderful place with both entertainment and learning. The main method of King Ming Chang Recreational Farm’s management is to harvest the antler through the cultivation of Sambars. Because of the good quality and the excellent reputation of velvet, the garden has been gradually embraced for over twenty years. With the arising fashion of recreation in the recent years, the garden invited by Farmers’ Association of Keelung City begins to develop recreation and farming. The garden also purchases lots of facilities and feeds the number of animals such as variegated carps, geese, black swan, peacocks, turkey and red duck, which are all open to visitors. The garden owner will not only share his experiences in the almost thirty years with tourists but also lead you to get more understanding about Formosan Sambar Deers. Besides, there is an agriculture product ’Taiwan native honey,’ differentiated from common honey in the market. The bumblebee garden owner sucks wild nectar in the untilled forest of Mountain Maling. In spite of fewer products, it is a pure native honey. It is not only an insistence but also a continuous survival of native honey in Taiwan. However, because the quantity of native honey is fewer and fake honey is sold in the market, the management is interrupted by the bad situation. Thus, Taiwan native honey supply has instantly reduced. After years of hard work, the owner brings native honey back to the garden again.