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Keelung Maritime Plaza

Keelung Maritime Plaza 1
Keelung Maritime Plaza 2
Keelung Maritime Plaza 3
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Keelung Maritime Plaza縮小圖片, 角度2
Keelung Maritime Plaza縮小圖片, 角度3

Keelung Maritime Plaza is located at the Zhong 1st Rd in front of Keelung train station, Keelung Maritime Plaza opened on August 19, 2009. The wooden platform was mainly built 15 to 30 meters wide with 5,000 square meters total in the interior section of Keelung harbor. There is a wooden reef, a modeling of wave streamline, and Keelung in LED. So, tourists can feel charmed by Keelung city all the day long. At the same time, it ingeniously built a rare glass bridge connected scenic spots in Keelung city. Keelung is surrounded by sea on the three sides and harbor also extends deeply to Keelung city. Keelung city government plans to build Maritime Plaza on the side of the harbor at Zhong 1st Rd and sets up multiple wooden reefs and of landscape art of wave streamline. It conveys the heavy ocean image and style and has a function of beautification of the landscape and recreation. The light reflects on the surface of the sea at night, so tourists can stroll with cozy along the attractive side of the harbor Harbor Ocean Plaza is situated in the side of Keelung Harbor so tourists can watch many boats coming back and forth, including the enormous cargo ships, warships, and some other vessels; however, the most striking point is the cruise attracting tourists to take a picture. Besides, this is a good place to enjoy watching eagles soaring in the sky and foraging for food. It is spectacular that more than ten eagles fly over Keelung Harbor when a Northeasterly wind arrived here. Keelung Maritime Plaza is located in front of Keelung train station, around the bus station and city bus station so tourists are striking that the transportation here is extremely convenient. It attracts a crowd of tourists and locals to come to visit. With the widespread of Keelung Maritime Plaza’s fame, not only domestic tourists but foreign tourists also come here. It is seen every day that crowds of people come, so Keelung Maritime Plaza seems vivid and popular.

Inside Maritime Plaza, visitors are forbidden to climb up the wooden reef ’KEELUNG.’ The glass bridge is not opened temporarily and will open till the construction is complete.