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Renshou Village Smoke-Free Street

Renshou Village Smoke-Free Street 1
Renshou Village Smoke-Free Street縮小圖片, 角度1

The smoke-free street is full of meticulous and elegant atmosphere, which people can feel the different Keelung here. The street is located at Lane 141, Xin 2nd Road, which is across from Keelung hospital. The street also emphasizes that “Do Not Smoke” on the whole street. There are coffee shops, snack bars, tea shops, and various shops here. Also, each shop has its own characteristics and architectural style. The smoke-free restaurant street was built by neighborhood magistrate of Renshou Village, community association, and owners of restaurants. Next, ten shops of Lane 141 also join smoke-free activity for better the businesses. Therefore, more and more guests would be attracted.