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Keelung night market

Keelung night market 1
Keelung night market 2
Keelung night market 3
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Keelung night market縮小圖片, 角度2
Keelung night market縮小圖片, 角度3

The world renowned “Keeling Miaokou” is the major attraction of Keelung’s sightseeing. Many stands crowdedly gathered on both sides of Jen 3rd Road between Ai 3rd Road and Ai 4th Road. Following re-planning and renovation made recently, it has become an ordered and embellished place. Also, with its exclusive signboard design, each stand has their wares clearly present in front of the tourists, and the whole eatery street has been highly featured with versatile cuisines and history. Besides the famous Tenpura, Dinpientso, sandwiches, chicken rolls, butter crabs, slivered bean cakes, fresh seafood, authentic pig’s feet, stewed eel thick soup, pao pao ice etc., there are many Taiwan’s unique tastes of snacks, i.e. baked squid feet, wine stewed whorls, sugarcoated haws, cool cakes, pickled guavas, which will make your mouth water. You will never forget all the snacks once you try them. Next to Miaokou is a traditional night market at Ai 4th road. In addition to the delicious snacks sold in the market, you will see the hawkers loudly hawked their wares on the crowded street. It is the best place for you to shop around.