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Cowboy Street

Cowboy Street 1
Cowboy Street 2
Cowboy Street 3
Cowboy Street縮小圖片, 角度1
Cowboy Street縮小圖片, 角度2
Cowboy Street縮小圖片, 角度3

Cowboy Street is located in the crossroad between Xiao 1st Rd and Zhong 4th Rd, along with lane under an overpass. It is called Cowboy Street for selling sort of cowboy clothes. Through rebuilt by the city government, Cowboy Street has different styles. Any styles of cowboy clothes you long for can be found here. Those who love cowboy styles must go to visit. Besides, the stores also sell army exclusive goods and suites. Visitors who like army clothes and objects can come to find your treasures. In fact, Cowboy Street and agency bring their goods from previous crews and American soldiers unloading in Keelung Harbor to the agency for sale. These ships bring the most fashion goods than at the time tourism is not opened. Cowboy staffs have resembled in Zilai Street because Cowboy Street is on the side of Keelung Harbor. Those are sailors and workers who have to put on the hard-wearing material of overall so they don’t have to buy new pants in a few days. And jeans are the very feature so it becomes sailors’ favorite. The store selling only jeans frequently opened. Later, tourism is opened and then those stores are shocked by other famous brands. Thus, Cowboy Street degenerates gradually. In the beginning, the most goods Cowboy Street sells are second-hand, but now wholesale. There are many Jeans and cowboy coats and military goods. In those two exclusive stores have winter boot with ancient way. Some young man likes American military coat. Visitors can find all the goods from head to foot. Those stores are passed down, and through the mutual assistance of government and public businessmen modified the street, planting trees on the two sides of the street. They intend to make landscape footpath. It is worth visiting Cowboy Street for looking for jeans.