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Yi 2nd Road Shopping Area

Yi 2nd Road Shopping Area 1
Yi 2nd Road Shopping Area縮小圖片, 角度1

Yi 2nd Road Shopping Area is located on the bank of Keelung's Tianliao River and is a business area with classic charm. In the Qing Dynasty, the area was site of a military post. Next to a small hill near the harbor was a good place from which to patrol or observe the ships in the harbor. It was then called "sentry post ship's bow". In the Japanese era, businesses in the area prospered and there was a geisha house. The Yi 2nd Road Shopping Area is much larger than the Ai 6th Road area, stretching from Sin 1st Road to Sin 3rd Road. It is also busier because it is closer to Keelung Night Market. The shops and stalls sell a variety of goods as well as there is a cinema located. You can eat your food, drink, and have fun here.