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Jinlong Lake

Jinlong Lake 1
Jinlong Lake 2
Jinlong Lake 3
Jinlong Lake縮小圖片, 角度1
Jinlong Lake縮小圖片, 角度2
Jinlong Lake縮小圖片, 角度3

Jinlong Lake is located under Xinshan Reservoir. The feature of the lake has various dragonflies because of plants on the wetland are luxuriant. Every October of the year is the season of dragonflies’ migration; Keelung is the best option of stay for them. Besides, on both sides of the lake are full of floss-silk trees so that there is a beautiful green tunnel. Also, visitors can see various different birds and frogs. The landscape is fresh and vivid. Although Jinlong Lake is in a residential district, the scene is pretty and tranquil. In addition, go up to a path behind Changle Elementary School, visitors can view a whole scene of Xinshan Reservoir.