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Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian)

Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian) 1
Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian) 2
Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian) 3
Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian)縮小圖片, 角度1
Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian)縮小圖片, 角度2
Ershawan Fort (Haimen Tianxian)縮小圖片, 角度3

Ershawan Fort is also named "Haimen Tiansian" and is located on the top of Ershawan Mountain near the east harbor of Keelung. Following the traditional construction method to build city gate, the front door of the platform was built by stones along the mountain, which is very splendid. Above the gate is a tablet that shows "Haimen Tiansian," which means very dangerous gate to the ocean. The strategic value of the fort explains why it was chosen to be a military base during the Ching dynasty. Visitors can view Keelung Harbor from the fort to feel its significance. The trees along the footpath around the fort make it a great choice for forest therapy. Birds and insects might greet you when you are visiting the historic site. Today, it is a national historic site. The walls of the main entrance to the fort are made of stones laid using the technique traditionally used to build city gates in China. Over the arched doorway are the characters Hai Men Tian Xian. The gate, barracks, steps, gun platforms, ammunition store, and other structures still remain. The fort has great significance in national defense history. notice that roads are slippery when wet

notice that roads are slippery when wet