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Stanly-Glass Technology Center

Stanly-Glass Technology Center 1
Stanly-Glass Technology Center 2
Stanly-Glass Technology Center 3
Stanly-Glass Technology Center縮小圖片, 角度1
Stanly-Glass Technology Center縮小圖片, 角度2
Stanly-Glass Technology Center縮小圖片, 角度3

Stanley-Glass Technology Center is located at Dawulun industrial park of Keelung City, which is the third glass center of Taiwan. There are six centers located at 6 floors building, which demonstrates that diversification of glass and technology. Visitors can see 99 pieces of art glass by teacher Wun-Ching Huang while entering the lobby of the first floor. The 99 pieces of art glass symbolize that business of Stanley-Glass will be forever. The unique golden beds and golden rocking chair are at the glass exhibition area on the third floor, which are like various colors of rainbow or sunset glow. The ice hallway of the photoelectric area feels like walking on the ice. There are digital image art glasses, solar energy glass, and so on, which show lots of application of glass. I-table which means touching the glass screen multi-point is located at the fourth floor. Moreover, there is an 8 meter and 3 floors height sky trail. The most special exhibition center of Stanley-Glass is the light and electricity center on the fifth floor. The first stop for explaining of Stanley-Glass is the crystal conference room on the sixth floor. Except for presentation and briefing function to guests, there is a crystal glass platform which is different from other crystal acrylic platforms.

Please make a reservation for tour. Air trail does not open if the weather is bad.