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Zhongzheng Park

Zhongzheng Park 1
Zhongzheng Park 2
Zhongzheng Park 3
Zhongzheng Park縮小圖片, 角度1
Zhongzheng Park縮小圖片, 角度2
Zhongzheng Park縮小圖片, 角度3

Zhongzheng Park is situated on the side of Dashawan Mountain, which is at the east of Keelung City. There is a white statue of Goddess of Mercy in the park. This 25-meter high statue has become one of the characteristics of Keelung. The park overlooks Keelung City and the harbor. There are three levels in the park. On the first level is a historic cannon fort. On the second level is a Buddhist library, Martyrs’ Shrine, and Zhuputan Temple. The temple attracts many worshipers on July 15. On the third level is Guanhai Pavilion. Sitting in the pavilion, visitors can see the entire Keelung and the ocean. The statue of Goddess of Mercy is the landmark of Zhongzheng Park. It is the biggest Goddess statue in Southeast Asia. Inside the statue is a stairway leading to the top. Zhuputan is where worshipers gather on Zhongyuan Festival. The first immigrants to Taiwan used to fight with each other for land. In order to stop the disputes, they set up a temple for yearly worship. The temple was in Gaosha Park during the Japanese occupation and moved to Zhongzheng Park. The Big Buddha Monastery of Guanyin in the park has become a landmark for ships coming back to the port. Maitreya Buddha with a laugh all the time welcomes every tourist’s visit. The towering and magnificent Chupu Altar is the official place of ghost festival in Keelung Harbor. Sea view pavilion can look over the Keelung Harbor district in which ships comes back and forth. Also, it is a good place to view the seascape at dusk.