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Fumin Water Park

Fumin Water Park 1
Fumin Water Park縮小圖片, 角度1

Fumin Water Park, in Maling Recreational Farm Area nearby the Malingkeng Stream, is an area with small bridges and gurgling, bubbling waters. In the neighborhood, there is Maxi Tung Blossom Trail, softly beautiful when the flowers are blooming and falling. The most distinctive feature of Fumin Water Park is a circular walkway which is about 850 meters. The walkway is really gorgeous that visitors come over necessarily. On tung flowers seasons in Keelung, there are tung flowers everywhere. The mountaintop of tung flowers looks like snow falling. Recently, the government advocated a principle of ecological preservation, so many streams are prohibited to fish; neither of Malingkeng Stream. Except for tung blossom, there are lots of entertainment facilities. Therefore, no matter there is tung blossom or not, Fumin Water Park is a good choice to have fun.

it’s prohibited to catch fish of Maling Stream area.