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Nuannuan Sports Park

Nuannuan Sports Park 1
Nuannuan Sports Park 2
Nuannuan Sports Park縮小圖片, 角度1
Nuannuan Sports Park縮小圖片, 角度2

Nuannuan Sports Park is located on the opposite side of Dongding Rd and Nuangdong Nursery Garden. There has a suspension viewing bridge between Dongding Rd and Nuangdong Nursery Garden. It is a new public sports park in Nuannuan district. It combines the function of leisure and exercise so it satisfies local people’s requirement. Walking up to the slope along the sports park, tourist can appreciate beautiful view in Nuannuan district. It is designed as a small but functional park with a limited budget. Nuannuan Sports Park has various sports facilities, including a football field, basketball court, tennis court, rest section and so on. Especially, there is a water park playground so children can enjoy here during the summer time. When tourists come to Nuannuan Sports Park, they can also visit Nuangdong farm and Nuannuan riverbank park. Tourist can not only exercising but also experience the atmosphere of nature, learning how to get along with nature. Therefore, it is worth to visit with the whole family.