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Shiqiuling Ping'an Temple

Shiqiuling Ping'an Temple 1
Shiqiuling Ping'an Temple縮小圖片, 角度1

Shiqiuling Ping'an Temple was rebuilt for seven times, which is from a small cottage temple to a big glorious temple. Ping-an Temple is located next to Shiqiuling at Ren’ai District, which has more than two hundred years history. It’s the biggest Tudigong Temple in Keelung, which worships Tudigong and Tudipo. The gate of the temple is gorgeous and splendid; there are couplets written on marble pillars. The stone carving lions are also bright and vivid. From Shiqiuling Ping'an Temple, the landscape of Keelung Harbor is beautiful. It’s also worth to come over.

Do not take pictures inside the temple