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Local Specialties

Chuan-Li Rice Cookie

Credit card and Taiwan Traveler Card accepted

Keelung puffed rice cookies, wedding rice cakes

No. 5-1, Zhongzheng Rd., Keelung City (02)2423-1698 or (02)2420-2096 http://keelung-cherry.com.tw/

Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Keelung)

Yam cakes, fried yam, yam jelly, spinach, yam crisp rolls, yam cheesecake

No. 22, Ren 5th Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City (02)2427-9988 http://evergreen-keelung.hotel.com.tw/

Lian Zhen Foods

Yam cheesecake, yam cakes, cheese yam, rainbow chip cake, peanut cake clip

No. 193, Xin 2nd Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 02-2422-3676 http://www.lenjen.tw//

Jiang Fu Ji Pastry

Yam pie, yam black sesame pies, cakes rice cakes, pineapple cakes

No. 1, Xiding Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City (02)2422-3712 or ( 02)2422-8856 http://www.jfgfood.com.tw/

Century Foods

Crispy Yam Puff

No. 39, Xiao 2nd Rd., Ren'ai Dist., Keelung City (02)2428-1969

Bonjour Bakery

Yam buns, yam fruit, yam brioche

No. 30, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City (02)2428-5117 http://www.e-bonjour.com.tw/

Wen-liang Recreational Farm

Makino bamboo shoots, green bamboo shoots, waxberry

No. 205, Xin 2nd Rd., Keelung City (02)2431-0892 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=11&p=2

Tian-Cai Recreational Farm

Osmanthus trees, green bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots Gui

No. 268, Xin 2nd Rd., Keelung City (02)2431-0893 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=7&p=1

Windsor Castle Bakery

Yam cheese puffs, yam mille-feuille, yam gift boxes, pineapple cake gift boxes, fruit cake gift boxes, honey cakes

No. 91, Jijin 1st Rd., Keelung City (02)2425-7177 http://www.windsor.com.tw/

Tai’an Citizen Farm

Wood mushroom, chicken, yams, green bamboo shoots

No. 222, Maijin Rd., Anle Dist., Keelung City (02)2451-1964 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=8&p=1

Shengde Recreational Farm

Gui bamboo garden, sleeves

No. 142, Mingde 1st Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City (02)2455-1521 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=6&p=1

Longshun Tourist Orchard

Pomelo, wax apples, yams, cherry, green bamboo shoots

No. 29, Yuanyuan Rd., Nuannuan Dist., Keelung City (02)2456-2053 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=2&p=1

San Wen Zhen Foods

Yam curry meat, Lu Rousu yam, yam cake flavor, sesame crackers, curry shortbread

No. 100, Zhengrong St., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City (02)2456-2358


Birthday cakes, yam cakes, yam toasts, yam puffs

No. 282, Dongxin Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City (02)2456-2358

King Ming Chang Recreational Farm


No. 210, Diaohe St., Keelung City (02)2456-3667 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=14&p=3

Chang Qi Creative Noodles

Yam cake


Fanyu Farm

Honeysuckle, honey, yam

(02)2456-3975 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=13&p=2

Tea Garden

Grapefruit, bamboo shoots, yam, chicken

No. 23-2, Dahua 3rd Road, Qidu District (02)2456-5207 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=17&p=3

Kai Sha Lin Bread

Yam pastry, yam pudding, bread and yam, yam jelly

No. 159, Dongxin Road, Xinyi District (02)2465-3719

Lugu Recreational Farm

Plum, passion fruit

(02)2452-3165 http://www.keelungfarm.tw/fram_shop.php?id=15&p=3

Beidu Hotel

Scallop balls


Keelung District Fishing Association

Shrimp steak

Keelung Gang Seafood

Garlic tofu, smoked white fish

(02) 2427-8026 http://www.keelunggang.com.tw/

Great Ocean Restaurant

Braised eel soup


Xin Tian Di Restaurant

Crab pumpkin pie


Yao Ji Food Factory

Pearl balls, taro rolls, a crispy squid

(02)2433-1981 https://www.radiant-foods.com.tw/yaoji/index.php