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Dragon Palace Treasure Hunt Route:

Dragon Palace Treasure Hunt Route runs across Keelung and New Taipei City, starting from Keelung railway station with eastward and westward routes. East Coast Line connects with Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus at Rueifang railway station while West Coast Line connects with Crown Northern Coast Line at Guihou Fishing Port and Yehliu Geopark. All services are for you to travel from Tamsui to Fulong by taking Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.

◎Service Directions

East Coastline

East Coastline

Keelung Train Station(Visitor InforCmation Certer) ⇔Miaokou Night ⇔Market(Taipower Company) ⇔Zhongzheng/Yizheng Park⇔Indigenous Cultural Hall⇔Heping IsIand Park⇔Wholesale Seafood Market(Bisha Recreational Port) ⇔National Museum of Marine Science& Technology⇔Shen'ao Fishing Port⇔ Ruifang Train Station

West Coastline

West Coastline

Keelung Train Station (Tourist Information Center)⇔ Lovers Lake Park ⇔Dawulun Tourism Factory ⇔ Pacific Green Bay ⇔ Guihou Fishing Port⇔ Yehliu Geopark 


1. As the mobile devices are more and more convenient, we offer audio tour on Keelung Shuttle Buses-Dragon Palace Treasure Hunt Route. The distinctive audio tour for this route is online accessible, recording in three languages, Chinese, English, and Japanese, according to guidebooks. Please scan the QR code on guidebooks and listen to them. Feel free to use!

2.East Line(Yizheng Park, Zhongzheng Park, Heping Island Park, and Shen`ao Fishing Port) and West Line( Lovers Lake Park and Yehliu Geopark) have round-trip bus stops

3. There are pointers are on windscreens for passengers to identify driving directions. Please check the notice or consult with drivers before getting on.

4. Charging:

(1) Charging by sections(15 NT$ for each) Boundary marks: (East Line)Heping Island Park (West Line)Keelung and New Taipei City Coins, Easy-Card, and i-Pass are acceptable.

(2) One-Day-Pass for 50 NT$ each(Paying to drivers) is unlimited during the day.


(1)East Line:

Summer(5-10) runs every one hour. Keelung to Ruifang (Weekdays) 09:00-17:10 (Weekends)08:10-18:00

Winter(11-4)runs every two hours (Weekdays) 09:00-16:30 (Weekends)08:10-17:20

(2)West Line:

Summer(5-10) runs every one hour Keelung to Yehliu (Weekdays)09:00-17:00 (Weekends)08:00-18:00

Winter(11-4) runs every two hours Keelung to Yehliu (Weekdays)09:00-17:00 (Weekends)09:00-17:00