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The Coastal Keelung Route concatenates the most distinctive landscapes of Keelung; the entire route consists of 13 stops, totaling a 32 km journey. The landscapes along the route include Waimushan, which is one of the top 10 most elegant waters, Keelung Night Market, which is voted to be the most friendly and delicious night market by the Tourism Bureau, as well as Zhongzheng Park, Ershawan Fort, Zhengbin Fishing Port (House of Color), Heping Island Park, Bisha Fishing Port, National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (Chaojing Park), Badouzi Station, and Shen'ao Fishing Port. Board the Coastal Keelung Shuttle Bus and enjoy the various attractions of Keelung in an easy and convenient way.



1.Charge by section NT$15 / once ; sectional fare, Charge by section, one-way ticket NT$30
2.one day pass NT$ 50 (ticket on the bus)


※ Where to buy :

1. Purchase your ticket upon boarding.
2. Payment method: the shuttle bus charges in two sections, with the stop of "Chung Cheng Park" being the segmentation point.
3. Applicable Types of E-tickets: Easy Card, iPass, FunPass Taipei


※ Service Hotline :

Keelung Bus Company, Ltd.: _886-2-2432-3721、+886-0800-588-010
Keelung Tourist Service Center: 02-24287664


※ Foldable bikes Info :

As there is no luggage compartment for storage, carrying a folding bike on the bus is not allowed.


Outward Journey:Waimushan(外木山) >> Shen'ao Fishing Port(深澳漁港)

Waimushan(外木山) → Keelung Station(臺鐵基隆站) → Miaokou Night Market(廟口夜市) → Zhongzheng Park(中正公園) → Ershawan Battery(二沙灣砲台) → Indigenous Cultural Hall(原住民會館) → Heping IsIand(和平島) → Heping IsIand Park(和平島公園) → Bisha Recreational Port(碧砂漁港) → National Museum of Marine Science & Technology(海科館) → Badouzi Rail Station(八斗子火車站) → Jianji Coal Mine(建基煤礦) → Shen'ao Fishing Port(深澳漁港).

Return Journey:Shen'ao Fishing Port(深澳漁港) >> Waimushan(外木山)

Shen'ao Fishing Port(深澳漁港) → Jianji Coal Mine(建基煤礦) → Badouzi Rail Station(八斗子火車站) → National Museum of Marine Science & Technology(海科館) → Bisha Recreational Port(碧砂漁港) → Heping IsIand Park(和平島公園) → Heping IsIand(和平島) → Indigenous Cultural Hall(原住民會館) → Ershawan Battery(二沙灣砲台) → Zhongzheng Park(中正公園) → Miaokou Night Market(廟口夜市) → Keelung Station(臺鐵基隆站) → Waimushan(外木山)