T88 Keelung Tour Bus

T88 Keelung Tour Bus

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Harbor Building, There are 1 pictures in total

Harbor Building

Built during the Japanese rule, it was formerly called the “Keelung Harbor Marine Administration Bureau,” designed by Suzu Oki, an engine…
YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum, There are 4 pictures in total

YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum

This was originally a dock building owned by the NYK Line during the Japanese colonial period; today it is one of the ten most important historic bui…
Buddha's Hand Cave, There are 4 pictures in total

Buddha's Hand Cave

Buddha's Hand Cave is located next to the Siandong (Celestial cave). The city government renovated this area to make it a cultural scenic area an…
Fairy Cave, There are 4 pictures in total

Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave is situated in the mountain to the northwest of Keelung Harbor. Originally, it was an eroded hole. The cave was formed by ocean's abra…
Keelung Municipal Cultural Center, There are 1 pictures in total

Keelung Municipal Cultural Center

1F / Family Education Service Center, Cultural Relics Exhibition Room, Keelung Story Cafe 2F / Director's Room, Deputy Director's Room, Libr…
Keelung Story House, There are 3 pictures in total

Keelung Story House

Keelung Story House is located on the first floor of Keelung City Cultural Center. The introduction includes the origin of Keelung, the history of Ke…
Keelung Harbor, There are 4 pictures in total

Keelung Harbor

Keelung Harbor is located at the north tip of Taiwan island that is between Fugueijiao and Bitoujiao. The eastern, western and southern sides of the …
Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Colorful House, There are 3 pictures in total

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor Colorful House

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor, located at the south of Heping Island, is considerably more laid back. The Port is built by the Japanese in 1934, and it was…
Heping Island Park, There are 4 pictures in total

Heping Island Park

Heping Island is originally named as “She-liao island”. Heping Island is the doorway to Keelung Harbor. It was a settlement of Kaitaglan …
Chaojing Park, There are 4 pictures in total

Chaojing Park

Chaojing Park was a place that collected garbage. However, it was rebuilt by the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, which becomes a sp…
Maritime Plaza, There are 4 pictures in total

Maritime Plaza

Keelung Maritime Plaza is located at the Zhong 1st Rd. in front of Keelung Train Station, Keelung Maritime Plaza opened on August 19, 2009. The woode…