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Lovers Lake Coastal Boulevard (Waimushan Seashore), There are 4 pictures in total

Waimushan seashore is the longest natural seashore remained in Keelung City with a total of 5 kilometers from Waimushan fishing port to Aoditong Village. The seashore includes an …

No. 37, Sec. 1, Huhai Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City

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Baimiweng Fort (Holland Castle), There are 4 pictures in total

Baimiwong emplacement is located in the northwest of Keelung harbor, safeguarding the harbor with the gun emplacement on the east shore. It was an important military base since th…

Fairy Cave, There are 4 pictures in total

Fairy Cave is situated in the mountain to the northwest of Keelung Harbor. Originally, it was an eroded hole. The cave was formed by ocean's abrasion after hundreds of years. …

Buddha's Hand Cave, There are 4 pictures in total

Buddha's Hand Cave is located next to the Siandong (Celestial cave). The city government renovated this area to make it a cultural scenic area and provided paved gravel walkin…