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Keelung City, formerly known as “Chicken Coop” (pronounced the same as “Keelung” in Mandarin), is located at the northernmost tip of Taiwan’s main island. The name of the city has been changed into Keelung in the Qing Dynasty. With one side facing the sea, while the other 3 sides surrounded by mountains, Keelung has a natural deep-water harbor in superior condition.Because of the importance of its geographical location, Keelung has been walking on the main track of Taiwan's history. The remains of Fort San Salvador and the monastery on Heping Island are evidence that the Spanish and the Dutch used to meet on the battleground here in the 17th century during the Age of Discovery.Kanzaiding Street in the city center is the first street built by the Qing army in Keelung, and Shiqiuling is the first tunnel in the history of Chinese railways. Furthermore, the special local snack “Chikuwa” in Keelung is a trace left by the Japanese residents during the Japanese Occupation. Back then, up to one-third of Keelung’s population were Japanese residents, as Keelung Port used to be the most important harbor in Taiwan at that time. "Gang Du Ye Yu" is an old song that has its origin in Keelung. In the past, Keelung was best-known for its delicious local snacks at Miaokou Night Market. In recent years, new attractions and lots of boutique cafes have emerged, such as Chaojing Park and Heping Island Park, etc. With a rich history, beautiful mountains and the sea, Keelung has so much more waiting to be discovered!

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Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Keelung has spectacular hiking trails and the most incredible sea views.

Keelung is the perfect destination to enjoy the sea breeze, take a hike, go on a cruise and even join an ecological tour. With various festivals and events going on in Keelung, you’ll never get bored!